Everyone Has A Right To Hear

Our vision at LBC is to make disciples of Jesus, both here in Lexington and around the world. The first step towards discipleship is someone coming to faith in Jesus. It is for that reason that we do all of the things that we do. It must always be our overriding heart and goal to share the gospel message in some way, whether it is through Prison Ministry, School Time Bible, ESL or any other ministry: because everyone has a right to hear!

Our Mission vision is based on Acts 1:8 where Jesus gave the command to the disciples to be His witnesses “in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth”.  We see this command also given to all believers and we help fulfill this command here at LBC by being His witnesses in three strategic areas of local, national, and International mission’s ministry.

What role will you play in people hearing? We need volunteers in each area of missions/ministry. We need volunteers to pray. We need volunteers to go. There is some area of involvement in missions that everyone can have. Thanks so much for being a part of people hearing the message.

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Global Prayer Ministry

Designed to support the work of LBC's local, national, and international partnerships through intercessory prayer, this ministry also provides prayer support and encouragement to our own LBC missionaries on the field, or those who are in process or just returning from field service. Via email, we receive urgent requests and praise reports daily. As we intentionally target areas with prayer, we expect to see God move and do miraculous things.

Global Missions Prayer Ministry Intercessors commit to one hour or one-half hour weekly in the Global Missions Prayer Room, or to serve as a substitute.

Annual Missions Emphasis

Each year Lexington Baptist Church celebrates their partners from all over the world. We usually invite our local, national, and international partners to join us for a weekend that culminates in an amazing worship service where they share what God is doing in their specific area. These missionaries and organizations also provide a display in our Worship center vestibule that allows our LBC not only to learn more about their work, but to connect in a personal way with the missionaries and organizations. This year, due to Covid-19 restrictions, we had to limit our emphasis to 10 mission groups.

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