Congregational Care

The Congregational Care Ministry of Lexington Baptist Church provides care, prayer, and support for families and individuals at various stages, places, and circumstances of life.


Our team of pastors and deacons visits hospitals on a rotating basis each week and pastors are on-call each weekend for emergencies.


Our "VIP" ministry serves homebound individuals, whether they are at home or in senior care facilities with visitation, phone calls, and cards.


Through generous donations, we provide care and assistance for our members who may be in crisis and experiencing financial hardship.


We will provide comfort, direction, and support throughout the process of planning the funeral service and after-care if needed.

We're Here For You

Rev. Dan Williams is our Associate Pastor for Congregational Care. If you need any assistance with Congregational Care, please contact his office by phone at 803.996.8843 or email.