Frequently Asked Questions:

A group of friends who are already sharing life together on a regular basis. These groups should consist of 4-10 adults who are linked by geography (within neighborhoods) or already existing friend groups. Group members do not have to attend LBC or belong to the same Sunday School class.

Small groups of friends may already be meeting informally. This is an opportunity to extend and add purpose to those casual gatherings as we deepen our friendships and pursue God together.

Groups will meet for about an hour within homes around town.

Groups will study the Bible together each week. LBC will provide a Bible study teaching guide. For the first month, Pastor Mike will be leading a 10-minute Bible teaching time on Philippians.

Discussion guides will be provided weekly that will lead groups to interpreting and applying scripture.

Childcare will not be provided for groups. LBC will be recommending videos for kids that correspond with the adult lesson for kids to watch together if desired.

Groups will work together to provide a meal at gatherings.

Groups will meet in the home of the group host each week.

Bible study content for groups will be available each Monday beginning August 24th.

Groups can choose a night of the week that works best with their schedules. Our first semester, Fall 2020, will begin the week of August 24th and end the week of November 16th. We will reevaluate Home Groups following the fall semester and make adjustments as necessary.

Bible study time (including video and discussion) will typically last between 20-30 minutes with the rest of the meeting time dedicated to informal conversation and fellowship.

Home groups are simply small groups of friends who pursue God through Bible study and prayer while deepening their relationship with one another.

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