Home Group Basics:

Home Groups consist of 4 or more believers, who meet weekly, to share life with one another in their homes.

Small groups of friends may already be meeting informally. This is an opportunity to extend and add purpose to those casual gatherings as we deepen our friendships and pursue God together.

Home Groups are a space where you grow in community with God and one another, using the gifts that the Lord has given you to build up the body of Christ.

Discussion guides will be provided weekly that will lead groups to interpreting and applying scripture.

Groups will meet in the home of the group host each week.

Groups can choose a night of the week that works best with their schedules. They will begin in January of 2022. .

Bible study time (including video and discussion) will typically last between 20-30 minutes with the rest of the meeting time dedicated to informal conversation and fellowship.

The idea of Home Groups isn't new - in fact, the early church modeled it for us perfectly 2,000 years ago as told in Acts 2. The Bible tells us they 1) Committed themselves to the Apostle's Teaching 2) Broke Bread Together and 3) Prayed. The modern church - our church - can follow this formula exactly - 1) Commit to the study of God's Word 2) Share a simple meal and 3) Commit to pray with one another and for one another.

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