Lex Kids Unlimited

Lex Kids Unlimited exists to meet the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of individuals with special needs and their families. We desire to walk alongside each person in Lex Kids Unlimited as they develop their faith and become fully devoted disciples of Jesus, integrated into the church.

We understand the needs of each student is individualized and that is why our approach for care will vary depending on needs.

What are the goals of this ministry?

Our goal is for all students to be included in their regular setting. Some students may need very little to no accommodations while others may be paired with a trained buddy that will walk alongside our students to help make accommodations as needed. For those individuals who will thrive better in a smaller setting, we have a self-contained classroom designed to meet highly individualized needs with modified curriculum, so all students can hear the good news about Jesus.

How do I enroll my child?

If you would like more information about Unlimited, please contact the Special Needs Director, Crystal Ray
at [email protected]

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