Ready to get Rooted?

When you think of the word rooted, what imagery comes to mind? I think about the Angel Oak tree in Johns Island, SC that has survived for over 400 years despite numerous natural threats including Hurricane Hugo. It has branches that span nearly 200 feet and is thought to be the oldest oak tree east of the Mississippi River. The tree, after all these years, remains steady and firm. Our prayer for our church as we move into 2021 is that our lives would be so interwoven with the Word of God and full of His conviction that we, too, would be steadfast, unmovable, and deeply-rooted.
This year, our church – from our toddlers to our senior adults and everyone in between – is going on an incredible journey through the Bible. We’ll take a chronological approach where we’ll start in Genesis in January and finish up in Revelation in December. As we learn about Moses, Daniel, Ruth, and Paul, we’ll learn how these stories aren’t isolated occurrences, but instead, an interconnected story that points us to God’s redemption of His people through Jesus. Sunday School lessons and sermons will all be aligned for all ages.  Imagine the power of gathering around the table for lunch after church with multiple generations and being able to discuss that day’s lesson all together.  
We’re committing to reading the Bible – front to back - together this year. We are looking ahead with great anticipation and believing God will honor that commitment in our lives and in our church. I hope you’ll join us.