What are the preschool’s objectives?

  • To develop an awareness of God’s love for him/her and learn to share that love with others.
  • To develop an awareness that the Bible is a special book.
  • To begin to lay the foundation for the development of a philosophy of life that is in harmony with Biblical principles.
  • To develop an awareness of the world around him/her.
  • To develop his/her ability to have satisfying experiences in working and playing with those his/her own age.
  • To develop self-expression through investigation and participation in group activities.
  • To begin development of positive self esteem.
  • To bridge the gap between home and school and achieve school readiness.

Can I visit my child’s classroom?

Our classrooms are always open to our parents.

Can my child bring a friend?

Visitors for the day in the classroom are not permitted. Plans and supplies have been arranged only for children enrolled in the program.

What about field trips?

Each month you will receive a calendar listing all of our planned activities for the month, including field trips. You will be asked to sign a blanket permission slip, where applicable, which covers all field trips planned by the Preschool.

What about discipline?

We encourage positive behavior. We always praise the positive and try to transition before any conflict occurs. We always let children know they are loved following a correction and each day is a new beginning. Here are a few rules we ask the children to remember:

Use Your Kind Hands, Walking Feet, and Soft Voices

What happens when my child misbehaves?

Should a child display inappropriate behavior we will:

  1. Talk with the child about the behavior and how to handle it.
  2. Redirect the activity or his/her attention.
  3. Use “Timeout”: Timeout is a time for the child to observe how others are acting and determine how he/she needs to behave with his/her friends.
  4. Parental Conference
  5. If the child continues to be aggressive and hurting others: Parental cooperation will be requested in helping the child understand appropriate behavior. If the problem continues after parental involvement, withdrawal from the program could be necessary.

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