The Lexington Baptist Prayer Ministry encourages the development of a personal prayer life and provides church members with various opportunities to be involved in the ministries of intercession. Members are given an opportunity to commit to a particular prayer ministry of LBC at any time! Is God calling you into a ministry of prayer? Email the Prayer Ministry office or call 803.996.8812 to find out more.


24-Hour Prayer Line

803.808.7729 (PRAY) or email your prayer request

*Prayer requests are always kept in strict confidence. The Prayer Room does not exchange information with the church office without the specific permission or at the request of the caller.


LBC & Community Prayer Ministries

Intercessory Prayer Ministry (IPM) A 24-hour ministry of intercession before the Lord on behalf of our church, its ministries, staff, and members; foreign and home missions; and our community, state, nation, and world. Praying for revival and spiritual awakening, for the spread of the Gospel, and for the salvation of souls is the heart of the IPM. Your time commitment can be just one hour per week.
Prayerwalking Ministry Prayerwalking is praying at the actual place we desire our prayers to be answered. It is done quietly and reverently in neighborhoods and at specific sites in small groups (2-4). Simple verbal or silent prayers are prompted by the Holy Spirit and all that is seen as we are "on site". There are three opportunities for prayerwalking involvement: 1) Our neighborhoods; 2) Area schools; and 3) On a national or international mission field.
Ministers' Prayer Partners LBC members may choose to pray for a minister on a daily basis and/or serve on a team that prays during the worship services once a month in the Restoration Prayer Room. An orientation session before beginning is required.
Men's Tuesday Night Prayer Group Men meet every Tuesday at 7 p.m. to pray in CHB room 208.
Restoration Prayer Room The Restoration Prayer Room is a room on the first floor of the Adult Education Building set aside for prayer by individuals or prayer groups on Sunday mornings. Be prayed for or pray with one of our Prayer Partners. Open before and after both morning services.


National & Global Prayer Ministries

Global Missions Prayer Ministry Intercessors commit to one hour or one-half hour weekly in the Global Missions Prayer Room, or to serve as a substitute. Contact us for more. Designed to support the work of LBC's local, national, and international partnerships through intercessory prayer, this ministry also provides prayer support and encouragement to our own LBC missionaries on the field, or those who are in process or just returning from field service. Via email, we receive urgent requests and praise reports daily. As we intentionally target areas with prayer, we expect to see God move and do miraculous things.


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