In May 2015, Lexington Baptist Church welcomed Kambiz and Sepideh, along with their children, to our church and community. Several years prior, after coming to faith in Jesus as their Savior, they had to leave their home country because of the persecution they were experiencing. Prior to moving to Lexington, Kambiz has served as a pastor and they have been involved in ministry for 20 years. While living in Lexington, Kambiz and his family connected with many other Persian people, sharing the gospel message at every opportunity. In March 2016, over 100 Persian people gathered for a meal to celebrate the Persian New Year at the invitation of Kambiz. The event was used as an opportunity to strengthen relationships, to model the love of Christ and to share the truth about Jesus to people who had not heard.

In July 2016, the family moved to Wake Forest, N.C. where Kambiz and Sepideh are attending Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. They continue to reach out to Persian people and are working toward starting a church in the Raleigh, N.C. area soon.

Lexington Baptist Church continues to partner with Kambiz and Sepideh in their efforts to reach out to Persian people to share the gospel. To find out more about this ministry, contact Kambiz or Pastor Mark Hathcox.

Lexington Baptist Church