lifedesign classes

New Fall Session starts Wednesday, October 23!

Unshackle: Releasing the Power of God in Our Community

Led by Pastor Mark Owens | Fellowship Hall | Refresh Bible Study
Our community needs the power of the Holy Spirit to fall fresh on us in a dark and dying world
and release the people of God to reclaim our community for Christ.


Led by David & Jocelyn Snider | CHB 202 | All Ages
It's easy for Christians to find themselves caught up in the life of cluttered schedules, rhythms, and routines dictated by our culture. Many feel stuck in the routine of life—their jobs, relationships, and daily circumstances. They know it's not the life they dreamed of. And they feel stuck in a life yearning for deeper meaning. The Unstuck Bible study has been designed to help guide you out of the ruts and pitfalls that so often ensnare us all.

Intentional Parenting: 10 ways to be an Exceptional Parent in a Quick-Fix World

Led by Tripp & Sharon Sloan | CHB 207
To be an exceptional parent, you need to be an intentional parent. But, don’t worry! You’re not alone, INTENTIONAL PARENTING includes, Having Dreams, Being Available Long-Term, & Building a healthy foundation. QUICK-FIX PARENTING includes; Duct tape, Short-term goals, only Solving the immediate problem. It’s never too late to become an intentional parent. Remember, you are the greatest influence on the life of your child (no matter their age)! And it can all begin with these resources. Let’s walk this important journey—together.

How To Study the Bible in 28 Days

Led by Terry Brady | CHB 203 | All Ages
Using select practice passages, learn hands-on practical ways to study God’s word. The book/workbook explains keyword searches; contexts; themes; interpreting Scripture with Scripture; metaphorical and literal phrases; the use of cross-references and multiple translations; and word, topical, and character studies. Life-transforming!

Living a Praying Life

Led by Kay Coker | CHB 201 | All Ages
This interactive workbook takes readers on a journey to the Biblical heart of prayer, clearing up many widely held misconceptions along the way. Jennifer Kennedy Dean shows readers how to have a powerful, ongoing connection to God that will invigorate every aspect of their lives. It's not about having a prayer life; it's about living a praying life.  She tackles the complex theological questions: If God is sovereign, why pray? If prayer is not a way to change God's mind, what is it? It's a way, she illustrates, for God to send His power and provision into the world through His people. The study takes a detailed look at prayer's purpose, process, promise, and practice.

Praying the Word:

Led by Nancy Rae Martin | CHB 210
This class will focus on praying for our immediate and extended family.

This is an opportunity to meet and pray weekly for those we love.