lifedesign classes

New Winter Session starts Wednesday, January 8, 2020!

Refresh Bible Study

Led by TBD | Fellowship Hall | Refresh Bible Study

Understanding Spiritual Gifts

Led by Dan Williams | All Ages
The subject of spiritual gifts can seem complicated: Who has spiritual gifts? "Spiritual people" or everybody? What are spiritual gifts anyway? Understanding Spiritual Gifts takes you straight to God's Word to discover answers from the Gift-Giver Himself. As you dig into Bible passages about God's design for each of us, you'll find out that spiritual gifts aren't complicated--but they are life-changing.

Manhood Restored

Led by TBD
The earthly crisis within manhood will be here until Jesus returns, but in Christ men are pointed toward the gospel as the vision for renewal. This study from the exciting new pastoral voice of Eric Mason combines theological depth with practical insights, putting men in step with a gospel-centered manhood that directs them back to God's original intent for their lives.


Led by TBD | All Ages
Once upon a time there was a version of our faith that was practically…irresistible. What did first-century Christians know that we don't? In this video study, Andy Stanley will invite you to embrace the version of faith that, against all odds, initiated a chain of events resulting in the most significant and extensive cultural transformation the world has ever seen. A version we must embrace if we are to be salt and light in an increasingly savorless and dark world.

Mom Talk

Led by Crystal Ray | Next Gen | Girl-Moms of All Ages
**No meeting February 12**
Calling all girl-moms! Join us for an 8-week series as we dive into some important topics that will help strengthen mother/daughter relationships through all stages of life. Coffee and dessert will be served!

Topics Covered: Anxiety & Depression, Time/Scheduling Management & Spiritual Wellbeing, Life Skills & Independence, Self-Image, Mother/Daughter Communication, and Let's Talk About Sex.

Praying the Word:

Led by Nancy Rae Martin | CHB 210
This class will focus on praying for our immediate and extended family.

This is an opportunity to meet and pray weekly for those we love.