Print these sermon notes each week to use at home or bring with you to church. 

Below, you'll find buttons with links to video experiences and activities for each age group - preschool, elementary kids, and preteens.

Oh, no! The money jar is missing, and Lucy has searched everywhere for it! Ollie and Justin the mailman tell a story Jesus told about a woman who lost a coin and searched everywhere too. Just like the coin was special to the lady, we are special to God.
This week in our elementary experience, 
 we see how Philip, a follower of Jesus, met a man from Ethiopia who had a lot of questions. Through their conversation, we see that we can keep going—even when we have questions.
On today’s So & So Show, we find out that it’s good to ask questions. It’s good to help answer questions other people might have too. What questions do YOU have?
Your family has made it to the end of the school year—and what a school year this one has been! It feels like an achievement for all of you, doesn’t it? 
It's definitely something worth celebrating. Pick a date to gather your family together to talk about all the awesome things that happened this year.

Explore questions like:

What’s one new thing you learned?
What’s one way you grew in character?
What’s one way you grew in your faith?