In the coming months, we will be hosting several Precept training classes. These classes are not just for teachers or Sunday School leaders; they're designed to guide you in reading and studying the word of God. These workshops will help you observe God’s word through a process called The Inductive Bible study method. Inductive Bible study allows you to discover what scripture says, interpret scripture accurately and apply scripture practically.


Free Workshops/Training

Overview of Spiritual Gifts Workshop
October 7, 2017 | 9 a.m to 5 p.m.

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Fall Class Schedule at LBC

Life as a Living Sacrifice
Romans- Part Four (Chapters 12-16)
September 17 - November 5, 2017
5 to 7 p.m. | Room AEB 402 | Cost of Book: $18
Leader: Debbie Clark (803.556.1584 |

The righteous shall live by faith! Do you live out your faith? What practical things can you do to show that you have been justified? Romans 12–16 are very practical chapters! You will learn how redemption, justification, and propitiation enable you to live righteously as you serve God. (This is a co-ed class)

The King and the Kingdom of Heaven

Matthew- Part One (Chapters 1-13)

September 17 - October 29, 2017
5 to 7 p.m. | Room AEB 406 | Cost of Book: $15.75
Leader: Larry Forkner (803.738.5627 |

Who is the promised Messiah, the King who will sit on the throne of David? What is His kingdom? What is the character and lifestyle of those who are a part of this kingdom? Matthew Part 1 answers these questions and brings you face-to-face with the long-awaited Jewish Messiah. Walk with Jesus through the towns and villages of the Galilee, see the miracles He performs - healing the sick, casting out demons, calming the seas. Listen to His teaching as He explains His kingdom. And then evaluate your life against the standard Jesus holds high and ask: Does my life show that I'm part of His kingdom? (This is a co-ed class)


*For Elementary Readers*
God Has Big Plans for You, Esther
Study of Esther

September 17 - November 5, 2017
5 to 7 p.m. (study until 6:15 p.m., review games then pizza- ends at the same time as the adult Precept class) | Reception Hall | Cost of Book: $12
Leader: Roxane Keeney (803.356.4640 |

Hey, kids! Max, Molly, and the great face-licking beagle, Sam, are going to Washington, D.C.--and they want you to come along! You'll tour important places in the capital of the United States and even visit the White House where the president lives!

You'll also explore a time in history when a young woman named Esther became a queen and saved her people. Through her incredible life, you'll uncover many truths that will help you know more about God and how you can serve Him, including:

•God put you where you are for a reason
•God has plans for you now and in the future
•God will help you know what to do in every situation
•God is always with you so you are never alone
•God has given you gifts so you can help people

You'll be amazed when you see how much God loves you, provides for you, and guides you. (This is a co-ed class)


*For young adults and teens*
Covenant: Knowing God's Covenant
September 14 - November 30, 2017 (skipping 11/23 for Thanksgiving)
9:30 - 11:30 a.m. | Reception Hall | Cost of Book: $24.75
Leader: Stephanie Cook, Admin: Roxane Keeney (803.356.4640 | is a co-ed class)


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