Mission is Lexington Baptist Church beyond the walls here on East Main.

Our Mission Ministry connects LBC members together so we can do what Jesus told us to do: “Make disciples of all nations.”
Locally, we share the Hope of Christ by being involved in crisis response, schools, prisons, physical needs, natural disasters and care of orphans.
Lexington Baptist members also participate in long term partnerships nationally and internationally to give Hope and facilitate change.
We exist to help every member find their God-given purpose and be equipped by others experienced in that area.  We are about becoming more and more like Jesus, focused on relationship building in the community and world so that no individual from any age, culture or background would perish.
For more about the Lexington Baptist Church Missions Ministry, contact the Missions office.

How can you get involved?

Check out a more in-depth look at our Local missions and our Global missions. If you need help, contact the Missions office.

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