With a ministry the size of ours, it takes a lot of people to pull off what we do. The hard work and sacrifice put in and poured out each week by our volunteers is what makes this happen. There are always places to serve in this ministry, and everyone is invited. Age is not a problem and finding a place to serve will be easy.


Leader Opportunities:

Small Group Leaders on Sunday mornings and Wednesday Nights

Large Group Leaders on Sunday Mornings

Greeters – Visitor Table

Host Homes Volunteers

Food Set-up for Events

Transportation for Events

Mentoring Students

Prayer Support

Mission/Serving Leadership

Bus Drivers


Core Ministry:


We believe Core is the center and back bone of this ministry. Middle and High School students each year have the privilege to serve on our Core Ministry Team. These students make a yearlong commitment to serve, encourage and, love Lexington Baptist Church and this community. These students are the leaders when it comes to mission projects, worship services, and student activities.


If you or your student is interested in joining this incredible team, you can contact Ian Geimer or Daniel Walker.


Quick Leadership Highlight

Lead Small – Five Big Ideas Every Small Group Leader Should Know:

1 – Be Present (Connect Their Faith to a Community)

Be Present 1Be Present 2

2 – Create a Safe Place (Clarify Their Faith as they Grow)

Create a Safe Place 1Create a Safe Place 2

3 – Partner with Parents (Nurture an Everyday Faith)

Partner With Parents 1Partner With Parents 2

4 – Make it Personal (Inspire Their Faith by Your Example)

Make It Personal 1Make It Personal 2

5 – Move Them Out (Engage Their Faith in a Bigger Story)

Move Them Out 1Move Them Out 2


Ready to volunteer?

No form to fill out, just send a quick email to Daniel Walker. We like to make it simple!


Resources for Leadership:



Websites –  http://www.rethinkgroup.org/


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