The Global Prayer Ministry is a vital part of missions at Lexington Baptist Church. For several years, LBC has had what is called our Global Prayer Room. In this room are resources to help us know how to pray for missions and missionaries. There are also prayer cards from workers who are in the field, some in other countries and some here in the United States. Many of these workers send specific requests via email so we can pray along with them for the work they are involved in and for their personal needs.

Also included in the prayer room are requests from the LBC ministry partners who are right here in Lexington including School Time Bible, Lighthouse for Life and Daybreak Pregnancy Center.

Because of the security necessary, an orientation is provided for those who would like to come to the Global Prayer Room to pray on behalf of the world nations in general and for the specific workers and work being done.

In the coming months, our desire is to extend this ministry in such a way that more people can be involved. We are working on ways to use social media and email to share requests but at the same time protect the workers who are in places hostile to the gospel message. We will be sharing more about these developments as we make progress and learn how to securely communicate requests without compromising the security of the workers.

If you are interested in being a part of this ministry, please contact Kay Coker or Pastor Mark Hathcox.

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